Part II, Ross Douthat is a Literary Fukushima

Ross Douthat Is a Literary Fukushima,

Part II



You wrote another sloppy review of a Church document, Douthat.


But before we get started on that, Ross, do you know about Holy Saturday, and the Harrowing of Hell? After Christ was crucified and died, he descended to hell. He smashed hell, stormed through it, collected all the souls that belong to him, and brought them to Heaven.

We’ll return to this.


Now, I remember you saying that you were going to steer clear of Church matters. You tweeted this back in November. But your Sunday column shows you’re back to your devious tricks.


As we know, Ross, the New York Times hates the Catholic Church. I don’t have a subscription to them, because I don’t want to support the neocon-zionist Times. But some months back, at a library, I sped through some of your older pieces, about the Church.


And they stink, Ross. Your articles are poison. I see what you are up to.

The problem is not the false conservative camouflage you hide under, Ross. No. It’s your entire mission that is at fault.

You are not an authentic conservative Catholic, Ross, because you are not an authentic Catholic.

Of the articles I scanned, all of them talk about how the Church is divided. It’s as if you want this to happen, Ross. You want to divide the Church. Right, Ross?


Why is it, Ross, that every article of yours on the Church treats of this “division” you’re wishing upon the Church? Do you want to destroy the Church?

Full disclosure, Ross. You work for your zionist masters at the NYT, and you are actively trying to destroy the Church.


Let’s take the beautiful new Amoris Laetitia of Pope Francis. Here is one of the most amazing and mature Church documents that I have read. It is the conscious Church beginning to talk, in actual writing, about how the Spirit of the Church may live and be shared among us.

It’s about fostering unity, and bringing people together in a world that is so scattered and frenzied and divided.

It’s about love, as the title indicates.

It is a healing balm, a soothing yet profoundly deep meditation on how we can live as a harmonious, loving humanity. I don’t think the Pope mentions human evolution here as he does elsewhere, but this is THE HUMAN PATH FORWARD. Towards the divine, in mercy, healing, and the fullness of life.


And what do you do with this godly gift of supreme wisdom and lived experience that the Holy Father offers us, Ross?

You spin it.

And you try to fashion it into a wedge, the simplest of tools. Your entire article, Ross, is about division in the Church.

When Ross writes about the Church, it’s always about division. How the Church is becoming divided. You’re trying to sell this mindset to people. I’m considering reading all your articles on the Church, and seeing just precisely how accurate this theory of mine is.


You know, Ross, Mother Angelica of EWTN died on Easter Sunday. A holy, saintly woman. Now there’s a real Church conservative. When I was in my young 20’s I was in a hospital overseas, and one of her programs on the television saved my life. Now today, I don’t particularly like some of the edges of her theology, but I love her, and I know she’s now a saint in heaven.

Pope Francis said something similar about her, even though some of his understandings of Catholicism don’t align perfectly with hers.

But that’s not a problem, Ross. You see, Pope Francis can love a sister whom he largely agrees with, but with whom he has some minor differences. When asked about her, he smiled a great big smile and pointed to heaven and said that she is in heaven, right now, right this moment. Saintly Mother Angelica, pray for us.

We are the Church, Ross. We are large, multi-cultural, diverse, and we embrace all people of good will—and even those who don’t yet have good wills.

We are not the crumbling Soviet empire, as you so ludicrously made the Church out to be. There, your true colors are showing, Ross. So you do want the Church to fall . . . . Come now, and grow up. We are the Church. We have been planting gardens of paradise for 2 millennia and counting. We invented orphanages, hospitals, and schools for poor children. We teach love. If the gates of hell cannot prevail against us, Ross, than neither will your flapping jaws.


Ross, you love political races, elections, and polls. One of your recent tweets grandly shouted, “Send me all the polls!”

You’re such a little weathervane.

Perhaps you should entertain yourself with polls. Matters of Church are not your element.


In conclusion, Ross, did old Mr. Sulzberger put you up to this? Did he command you to begin this attack on the Catholic Church?

After you wrote this op/ed for the zionist Times, did Mr. Sulzberger pat you on the head?

Did your lord, Mr. Sulzberger, say to you, “Ross, you’re my boy.”

You claim to be a convert, Ross? Most converts are excited about the Church. But you hate the Church. Are you a fox in sheep’s clothing, Ross?

Because your writing is that of Judas.

You are Judas.

But you know what, Ross Judas? When Christ pounded his way through hell and rescued humanity, multiple diverse Christian theologies teach that the first person he rescued was Judas.

There’s hope for you yet, Ross. I’ll pray for you, and shall ask others to.



P.S. Your recent article on Islam was also the work of an imbecile. You say that Islam has got to give up the sword? You hypocrite! It’s your tribe that led us into the God-Awful War Upon the Human Beings of Iraq. 70 years ago the Middle East loved us, but now some people there hate us because of our foreign policy. The government of George W Bushleagues is directly responsible for the presence of Isis. Ross! Look in the mirror, you neocon-zionist Judas.66492e64-8648-4007-b5d3-7d5233bd3513-2060x1236

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