The Chiastic-Menorah Structure of the 154 Sonnets (Addendum to Chapter 3 of William Shakespeare and the Psalter of Fire)

Friends, because of the length of this file, there is a link to the site at Academia below. The full file is there.

This file will be helpful to all who study Shakespeare’s Sonnets. It shows one of the hidden ways in which Shakespeare orders the arrangement, the chiastic structure, of each of his 154 Sonnets that were published in 1609. There is a pair of Interwoven Menorahs in each sonnet. These menorahs are hanukkah menorahs, with 9 branches (8 branches, plus the lighting rod, the shamash). Chapter 2C will discuss them at greater length. This particular file is to show how each sonnet follows this pattern, and it will help in the reading of both Chapter 2C and Chapter 3.

Basically, the menorahs represent the transition of the old stone temple as the place of the Shekinah, or, the Holy Spirit, to each and every human being, and to the Human Community.

This is a huge discovery. This hidden organizing structure of the Sonnets has been entirely unknown for the 407 years that the Sonnets have been with us.

Here is the link to the file at Academia:

Also, if you would prefer a PDF file of this, please message me and I’ll send it to you.images.jpeg




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