Ladder and Angel References in the Qur’an

3 places the Zabur is mentioned:

4.163  [Musa not mentioned in this Ayah] . . . . Sulaiman, and we gave to Dawood a Zabur

17.55  And your Lord best knows those who are in the Heavens and the Earth; and certainly we have made some of the prophets to excel others, and to Dawood we gave a Zabur.

21.105                        And certainly we wrote in the Zabur after the reminder that (as for) the land, my righteous servants shall inherit it. [Dawood disappears, as did Musa above in 4.163]


—by the fact that the angel Jibreel “brought down” the Qur’an to the Prophet,

this is a proof of operation of the Ladder, and an example of how the Ladder works


[1        downward direction from heaven with the word “help” in Ayah 5? ]


2.29    7 Heavens

2.31    angels

2.58    enter the gate

2.60    staff

12 springs

2.87    souls desire

2.97    Jibreel

2.98    angels, Jibreel, Meekaeel

2.102  2 angels…….

2.144  we see the turning of your face to heaven (Psalm 144, top of Ladder)

2.150  heavens, turning face, temple-Sacred Mosque

(2.151)           151 is special Psalm of Dawood

2.161  angels

2.177  angels

2.189  houses, doors

2.196  3 days

7 days

10 days

2.197  intercourse

2.210  angels



2.223  wives,

2.228  created in their wombs

2.231  unjust to own soul

2.248  angels

2.285  his angels and his books


3.18    angels

3.39    angels

3.42    angels

3.45    angels

3.55    ascend

3.80    angels

3.87    Allah, angels, and men all together

3.124  angels sent down, to earth, to people, 3000

3.125  angels, 5000, havoc-making, patience, on guard

125 = 5 raised to 3rd power; see 25:25, and Psalm Structure of Psalm 25

3.133  Garden as heaven and earth; Ladder, Ladder Person

3.142  enter the Garden

3.145  soul and desires

3.152  weak-hearted, desired

3.162  hell

3.163  (various) grades [similar to Ladder]


4.12    math, base of Ladder; Psalm 12, haSheminith, 8th (also, 1/6th)

4.89    fly in Allah’s way

4.100  flies in Allah’s way; goes forth from his house flying

4.136  angels

4.153  The followers of the Book ask you to bring down to them a book from heaven….

4.154  enter the door (Psalm 114; mountains jumping)

4.163  [Musa not mentioned in this Ayah] . . . . Sulaiman, and we gave to Dawood a Zabur

4.166  angels

4.172  angels



5.21    enter

5.22    enter

5.23    enter   upon them by the gate

5.24    enter

5.33    Ladder Person (somewhat)

5.78    Dawood and Isa

5.82    priests and monks (knew about the Psalm Structures)

5.112  send down to us food from heaven (see also Psalm 78:23, where “the doors of heaven opened”; Psalm 78 is a Ladder Psalm)

5.114  this Ayah echoes 5.112


6.8       ANGEL SENT DOWN X 2

6.9       angel, man

6.25    Veil (over Ladder)

6.35    opening, Ladder, heaven and earth

6.36    Allah will raise them; then to him they shall be returned

6.37    SEND DOWN A SIGN X 2

6.38    bird that flies with its 2 wings

6.44    opened for them the doors of all things

6.48    messengers

6.50    angel

6.61    messengers

6.84    Dawood and Sulaiman [Psalm 84 is one of the very central Psalms]

6.91    scattered writings (Psalms and Wisdom writings—Dawood and Sulaiman, respectively) . . . conceal much

6.91    angels shall spread forth their hands (and wings)

6.111  and even if we had sent down to them angels….

6.125  ascending upwards (Ladder Person)

6.143  Eight in pairs (Psalms 6 & 12, base of the Ladder)                      wombs

6.144  wombs again. some numbers repeated. (Psalm 144 is top of Ladder)

6.157  clear proof from your Lord

6.158  angels should come (down) to them

signs of your Lord should come (down)

[ANGELS/SIGNS SHOULD COME (DOWN) X 2; this balances Ayah 6.8 from above; and 6.37, combining the two previous Ayat] –also, a difference of 150!

6.165  various grades of raising (final Ayah of Surah 6, the first of the Ladder Psalms; Surah 7 is “The Elevated Places”)


7.2       A book revealed to you.

7.11    angels

7.17    right side, left side

7.20    2 angels

7.40    doors of heaven, not opened; nor enter garden; camel through eye of needle

7.46    most elevated places

7.48    most elevated places

7.52    a Book

7.53    final sequel? (x2)

7.54    6 periods of time, Heaven and Earth; Ladder hints

7.124  similar to 5.33

7.160  12 tribes


            12 springs

manna & quails; reminiscent of Psalm 78, where doors of heaven opened

7.161  enter the gate

7.162  we sent (down) upon them a pestilence from heaven because they were unjust (Egyptians, but also the quail of Psalm 78 and the Israelites)


8.9       1000 angels following one another (reminiscent of Ladder steps)

8.50    angels


9.20    much higher in rank with Allah

9.36    12

[Surah 9 has several combinations of 1 & 2, I believe, in the Arabic. 12 and 21 are the operative numbers for the Ladder and the Pillar, respectively. The difference between them is 9.]

[9 is also a Menorah number.]

9.72    Grand achievement.              Women and men.

The holiest number in Hebrew is 72, because of connections to Yahweh. Psalm 72 is symbolically written by/about Solomon (as is Psalm 127, the only other).

One of the things Solomon is/does, is to represent human integration, the integration of Masculine and Feminine in individuals and in Humanity. This shall be addressed in The Red Line of Hope.

9.80    70 times. The final Psalm of the climbing process of the Ladder is Psalm 90. It has within it the numbers 1000, 70 & 80. As we know, 70 + 80 = 150, the number of Psalms of the Zabur. There are echoes of these numbers occurring in this Ayah. There is also a clear reference to the Injeel.


10.12  Ladder, Jacob….? (Written here only because of postures of body?)

10.90  Ladder hinted; Musa



11.1    …. A Book whose verses are made decisive, then are they made plain…. [does this “then” possibly indicate the ingredient of time in understanding the Book?]

11.12  (Ladder), Treasure sent down; angel

  1. 6 & 12….interesting….

11.21  (Pillar psalms, opposite trajectory)

11.31  angel

11.78  complaints of Psalm 78 (Exodus, spiritual growth, evolution), and the evolutionary birth pains of the people of Lut (to be resolved in the integration of Masculine and Feminine, “one right-minded man” and “daughters”.

11.81  messengers

11.82  rained down stones . . . one after another (parody of Ladder, as in Psalm 78)


12.6    Ladder hints, (12) children of Yaqoub

12.7    Yusuf and his (11) brothers make (12)

12.10  bottom of the pit (bottom of the Ladder, pss 6 & 12                    DESCENT

12.15, too

12.19  ‘let down’ the line = Ladder                                                                        ASCENT

[See Joseph in Psalm 105]

12.23  she made fast the doors (Tamar and Amnon, Ladder)

12.25, too

12.31  angel

12.43  7 ( x 3)

12.46, too

12.50  messenger

12.56  send down mercy     (Ladder)

12.67  my sons, do not enter by one gate and by different gates

12.72  Ladder Psalm, w word ‘Cup



13.2    Pillars: (cannot see), this comes right after extensive treatment of Ladder in Surah 12         “signs”

13.3    “signs”

13.4    “signs”                        “side by side”, Ladder reference

13.11  angels following one another; (up & down Ladder)

13.13  angels

13.23  gardens of perpetual abode; angels will enter in upon them from every gate

13.27  sign sent down

13.39  Book

13.43  messenger, Book


14.1    Book

14.21  no place for us to fly to

14.24  good tree, whose root is firm and whose branches are in heaven…. Menorah too

14.25  Psalm 1 and Psalm structure of Psalm 25, which begins at Psalm 1

14.34  “count”, “number”; Psalm 34, hidden number 1000, twice (A, L, Ph)

14.37  hearts. . . yearn (Pillar psalms)


15.1    Book, Qur’an

15.6    Reminder revealed

15.7    angels

15.8    angels

15.9    revealed Reminder

15.14  even if we open to them a gateway of heaven, so that they ascend into it all the while

15.28  angels

15.30  angels

15.44  7 gates

15.57  messengers

15.71  daughters (of Lut, again)

15.74  upside down, raining down rocks (again)

15.80  messengers

15.87  7 oft-repeated verses of Grand Qur’an

15.90  send down


16.2    he sends down the angels

16.26  roof fell   (David, Absalom; much later, Peter in Acts)

16.28  angels

16.29  gates

16.32  angels; enter the garden

16.33  angels

16.38  raise up

16.44  Reminder

16.45  earth to swallow them (down)

16.49  angels

16.72  sons and grandchildren [Psalm 72: Jesse, David, Solomon]


17.1    discusses the Mi’raj; remotest mosque; [ascent through 7 heavens of Mi’raj like 7 parts of Pillar; temple is like Farthest Mosque]

-see title of Surah 70

17.5    1 & 2 (see above, )

17.13, 14, 15

17.21  some excel others, see Ayah 55

17.40  daughters from among the angels

17.44  7 heavens; connected w both v.1, Mi’raj, and v. 55, Pillar in Zabur

17.55  And your Lord best knows those who are in the Heavens and the Earth; and certainly we have made some of the prophets to excel others, and to Dawood we gave a Zabur.

17.61  angels

17.75  [Psalm 75 is a center] double x 2

17.80  enter a good entering; going forth

17.92  heaven to come down to us in pieces as you think,

or bring Allah and the angels face to face

17.93  ascend into heaven . . . ascending

bring down to us the book

17.95  in the earth angels walking around as settlers . . .

-We would certainly have sent down to them from the heaven an angel as an apostle.

17.96  between

17.97  hell

17.98  raised up in a new creation

17.101               Menorah hints; “9”

17.102               sent down

17.104               bring you both together

17.106               Qur’an; revealed x 3; slow degrees, portions


18.11  “number” of years

18.18  right, left, entrance (Psalms that are multiples of 18 are another special group)

18.22  “number” and numbers

18.25  300, and 9



18.50  angels

18.57  2

18.64  retracing their footsteps


19.18  fly

19.52  draw nigh

19.57  And we raised him high in heaven

19.60  enter garden

19.64  descend

19.90  heavens rent

19.94  comprehensive knowledge, numbered a numbering

19.96  Love (Ayah 95 w Resurrection); Psalm 96 represents Resurrection and Cosmic Love in the Interwoven Menorahs


20.6    beneath the ground; Psalm 6 has Sheol, “hell”

20.96  footsteps of (angel Jibreel) messenger

20.113               sent down

20.114               supremely exalted

20.116               angels

20.133             previous books [Psalm 133; brothers living in harmony]


Surah 21: The Prophets                   21 very important number for Psalm Structures

21.7    Revelation

21.10  Book, good remembrance

21.12  fly

21.13  fly

21.24  reminder x 2

21.30  closed, opened, the heavens and earth

21.32  heaven, signs

21.72  Ishaq and Yaqoub (and Ibraham); [Jesse, David, Solomon (whose key for Psalm 72, see above]

21.78  Dawood and Sulaiman





21.104               echoes the movement of Psalm 104

21.105                        And certainly we wrote in the Zabur after the reminder that (as for) the land, my righteous servants shall inherit it.

[this is connected with the Psalms (see Psalm 37) and the Beatitudes, and the Interwoven Menorahs, and blessedness-happiness]


22.15  stretch a rope to the ceiling, cut it

22.36  camels in a row

22.45  fallen down upon its roofs; deserted well; palace raised high

22.63  sends down water to the earth, green

22.65  witholds heaven falling on earth

22.75  messengers from angels and men

-Ladder and deosis


23.14  grow into another creation (Evolutionary aspects of Psalm Structures)

23.17  7 heavens                  Pillar

.24      could have sent down angels; Isa, Injeel    Ladder

.77      opened door of severe chastisement

23.86  who is the Lord of the 7 heavens?

109 & 118; repetition; next surah, 24.2 & 35, Light Verse


24.2    100, which is a number of the intertwined menorahs….

24.4    4

80       (4 + 80 = 84) woman is the true Temple of Psalm 24; or one of the Temples; the human heart being another.

24.6    4x

24.7    5th

(4 + 5 = 9)

24.8    4x

24.9    5th

(9 + 9 = 18; Intertwined Menorahs; see 23.109,118)

24.13  4

24.24  Ladder Person


24.35  The Qur’an Light Verse also alludes to the Intertwined Menorahs

24.41  expanded wings


25.1, 10          beatitude? (check Arabic)

-also, is there a resonance here w big structure of 1-49?

25.1    sent down the Furqan

.7        why not send an angel down?                     Ladder

.21      why not angels been sent down upon us? Ladder            John 1:51

-7 & 21, Pillar numbers and Lady Wisdom numbers

.22      On the day when they shall see the angels, there shall be no joy on that day for the guilty, and they shall say: It is a forbidden thing totally prohibited.

25.25  And on the day when the heaven shall burst asunder with the clouds, and the angels shall be sent down descending (in ranks). [this is 25.25]

25.32  slow revelation of Qur’an……………


26.4    If we please, We should send down upon them a sign from the heaven so that their necks should stoop to it.

26.24  The Lord of the heavens and the earth and what is between them

26.28  The Lord of the east and west and what is between them

26.87  day they are raised

.90      and the garden shall be brought near for those who guard….

-90 final psalm of climbing the Ladder (Garden)

.187   Therefore cause a portion of the heaven to come down upon us, if you are one of the truthful.

.192   revelation from Lord of the worlds.

.193    The Faithful Spirit has descended with it

.221   shaitans descend?

.222   they descend upon every lying, sinful one


27.15  Dawood and Sulaiman       [27 & 72; 72 and 127 are Solomon Psalms]


27.17  (communicate w angels)



27.22,23         Sheba, RLH, huge

         -and 27.34

         -and 27.52; destruction of temples, houses

27.25  what is hidden in heavens and earth

all of 27….

27.75  [CHALICE, unification of heaven and earth, clear (hidden) in a book……………]

clear book

nothing concealed in h & e, but in a clear book

28.2    book that makes clear

28.81  earth swallowed up him and his abode


29.6    Allah above the worlds

29.34  come down on people of this town a punishment from heaven

29.50  why not signs sent down?


31.10  Pillars

.20      book giving light

.27      trees, pens, seas, ink, 7 more seas               (Pillars)

.28      All in a single soul…………….


32.5    ascend to him


33       RLH

33.43  blessings, angels, light

.46      light-giving torch

.56      angels bless, Allah blesses, …. Blessings


34.2    down into earth, and out of it

            down from heaven, up to it

34.10  Dawood, excellence; mountains and birds join him; psalms/praise unite creation………………….iron pliant to him

34.12  Sulaiman, wind to Sulaiman

34.13  family of Dawood….

34.14  staff eaten away, creature of earth; fell down

34.40  angels


35.1    angels, messengers flying on wings, 2, and 3, and 4

            He increases in Creation what he pleases. (special unions in the pss&Surahs)

35.10  ascend good words; lift up good deeds………….. human climbing of Ladder

35.11  he made you pairs               no female bears, brings forth, his Knowledge


36       many echoes of ps 128, good conclusions of RLH

36.12  sent before, footprints

36.28  send down, hosts of heaven

36.36  created pairs of all things

36.69  poetry;            plain Qur’an


37       shorter ayat here

37.1    those who draw themselves out in ranks

37.36  mad poet

37.150                        angels females           153, chosen daughter in preference to sons?

37.177                        descend

38.10              ascend

38       Dvd’s sin, Iblis’ rebellion, Job’s virtue

38.17  Dawood, possessor of power; surely he was frequent in returning (Peter)

.18     mountains again, singing

.19     birds again. But gathered together now; all joined, singing

38.21              ascending over the walls (Psalm 18)

38.23  99 ewes (Menorah number)

surely this is my brother; blasts away racism for ever—Uriah, Hittite

38.24  he was sure that We had tried him, he fell

he turned time after time

38.30  And we gave Dawood Sulaiman; but which was frequent in returning?

38.31  (horses)

38.34  Red Line Hope, throne, body           (soul, heart)

38.36                                      proverb about Kings heart in hand of Yahweh

38.50  doors of garden are opened

38.71  angels

.72      complete, breathed my Spirit          (Time and Evolution)

.73      angels

.75      I created w my two hands [HOLDING THE CHALICE]

-connection of Chalice to Ladder? (75 not technically a Ladder Psalm)


39.6    created you from a single being

8 of the cattle in pairs          Ladder numbers


39.69  laid down, brought up

.71       doors opened (hell)

.72       enter gates (hell) (see 40.76 below)

.73       doors opened                        happy/beatitude

.74       angels                         praise

.75      angels, around throne, praise x 2


40.13  sends down sustenance from heaven

.15       highest rank

40.36  tower              (like tower of Babel, but also like Psalm Str)

.37      a means of access to the heavens

.40       female, enter the garden [access to the heavens]


40.76  gates of hell, like 39.71, 72 (Psalm 75 & 76 pair)


41.12  7 heavens (previous times above) in 2 periods. Like ps 12, #7 in 12

.14      sent down angels.     Another LADDER hint

.30      the angels descend upon them, saying

-Fear not….receive good new of the Garden          LADDER hint

.31      your souls desire

.41      Mighty Book

.44      Qur’an

.45      book to Musa

41.53  We will soon show them Our signs in the Universe and in their own souls, until it will become quite clear to them that it is the truth. Is it not sufficient as regards your Lord that He is a witness over all things?


            -see 51.20, 21


42.5    the heavens may almost render asunder from above them, (84 below!)

and the angels sing the praise/ask forgiveness for those on earth

42.27  sends down

42.28  sends down (oft-repeated verse of rain)

42.52  inspired book, we made it a light


43.19  female angels; is there a gnostic level here? (see S. 53)

.22       footsteps

.23       footsteps

.31       2 towns, Quran revealed

.33      ….(to make) of silver the roofs of their houses and the stairs by which they ascend                   LADDER reference

.34      and the doors of their houses, and the couches….


.53      why have there not come w him angels as companions?

.60      And if we please, we could make among you angels to be successors in the lands.        -Ladder and RLH refs

.70      enter garden, wives, happy             Ladder, menorahs, RLH

.71      souls yearn, drinking cups           Pillar

.72      garden

.73      fruits, eat

.80      messengers write


47.6    enter the garden

47.7    make firm your feet


48.5    men and women enter gardens

48.6    sheol

48.29  Taurat, Injeel


49.18  unseen things of heaven and earth


50.10  tall palm trees, spadices

50.39  sing praise, rising sun, setting


51.1    wind scatters far and wide

51.20, 21  microcosm/macrocosm; see above, 41.53

         -opening of David’s inner person/ Romans 7, eso anthropon

Paul: Rmns 7, &, through cross of Christ, I am crucified to cosmos, and cosmos to me

-next is Surah 52, The Mount, which mentions Ladder, Olive Tree; the opening of the eso anthropon allows for new, unexpected developments: Olive Tree

51.33  send down stones of clay

51.47  heaven high              again, ESO ANTHROPON; makers things ample!!!!

51.48  earth wide

51.49  and in everything we have created pairs that you may be mindful

More spiritual teaching, synchronicity (53.45)


52.3    outstretched fine parchment; again, expansion, eso anthropon above

.4       house, Kaaba

.5       elevated canopy

.6       swollen sea

.9       heaven move side to side

all this above; see 41 & 51, expansion………………

52.38 The Mount     mentions LADDER!!!!!!!!!

-or do they have a Ladder whereby they listen….?!

52.39  daughters, sons

52.44  portion of heavens coming down

52.48  sing praise when rise

52.49  setting stars

Surah 53        The Star

53.1    I swear by star when it goes down

53.1-……..   more full, though subtle, treatment of Mi’raj, as in 17.1

53.26  how many angels in heavens?

53.27  again, angels and female names…. Gnostic truth hiding here?

(S. 43, )

53.32  earth, wombs, mothers, purity to souls

53.45  pairs, male and female

53.47  bringing forth SECOND time


54.1    moon rend asunder

.3       low desires (previous Surahs too)

.5       consummate wisdom

.11    opened gates, water pouring down

.13    planks and nails; ark, cross, ladder

.14    sailing before our eyes; actually seeing the angels flying on the ladder!

.15    and certainly We left it as a sign, but is there anyone who will mind?

54.29  (sword), slew she-camel

54.34  stone-storm, see 51.33

54.52  Writings


55.7    heaven, He raised it high, and He made the balance

55.37  and when the heaven is rent asunder, and then becomes red like red hide. –this happens in (S.84) and elsewhere, see list in Study Qur’an,


The achieving of Ladder is connected w women becoming respected, empowered

-2 before center Surahs

55.46, 50, 52, 54, 62, 66      Ladder [all Ladder Psalms are even numbers]


56.3    abasing, exalting; Psalm 75, center

.12      in the gardens of bliss

.18      with goblets and ewers and a cup of pure drink

.36      virgins (pss 75 & 76; virgin point)

.39 – 41         right and left hand, sort of central place, positioning

.89, ff. again, right and left apposition

-Then happiness and bounty and a garden of bliss.


57.3    First and Last, Ascendant     (one) Midpoint of Qur’an

-Knower of hidden things,   cognizant of all things

.4        deep into earth and out of it

-down from heaven and up into it



.1, 2, 4, 5: heaven and earth. Perhaps this betokens the union of, and also the union of woman and man

.9        sends down clear communications upon His servant


.11      double (good gift) for him; this at midpoint.

.12      on that day you will see the faithful men and the faithful women—their light running before them and on their right hand (S 56)—good news for you today: gardens beneath which rivers flow, to abide therein, that is the grand achievement.

.13      wall with a door in it

-Injeel, 5 & 5 maidens

.18      doubled

.21      garden the extensiveness of which is the extensiveness of heaven and earth (6th x phrase ‘heaven and earth’ in this Surah)

.25      iron. Many echoes of pss 25 and especially 75.

                        -57 is central number of Surahs, as is 75 of pss.

Balance: also in ps 75; and ‘Book’

Iron: sexual. ‘iron, wherein is great violence and advantages to men’; same thing with history of human sexuality (RLH)

.26      Nuh & Ibrahim; prophecy and the Book (v. 25)

Balance, as in v. 25: those who go aright, and most are transgressors


                                    mentioned here because usually only monks knew of these things?! Monks transmitted them; Did Mohammed know of them?

                                    Footsteps, LADDER





.28      2 portions (central Surah)

Light with which you walk

111 to 112


111 TO 112 (Numbers near final Surahs of Quran)

This verse is one of the very centers of the Quran, at the center of the Surah structure system. And it deals with the transference of Allah’s powers (grace) to Humans.


Surah 58        References to Women, and to what should be loving relationships between women and men, but no clear references to the Ladder? Check this. 58 is one of the two most central Surahs.


59.2    demolished houses with their own hands (relates to attitude of men in 58)

.5        whatever palm tree you cut down


60.10  women come to you flying


65.12  7 heavens, descend among them                structures


66.4    if both of you turn to Allah                                   RLH imperative

Jibreel and the angels after that

-the birth of love, of Incarnation, of Evolution

verse 5: wives….. virgins (57 & 58)

verse 10: wife of Nuh

wife of Lut (again)

verse 11: wife of Firon

verse 12: Marium, daughter of Imran; we breathed into her our inspiration, his books………


67.1    Ashre, Beatitude, 1st verse and 1st word (Ps 1, et al)

.3        7 heavens      PILLAR


68.1    Noon. I swear by the pen and what the angels write,

-not good community, so problems


69.16              v. 16    and the heaven shall cleave asunder, so that on that day it shall be frail: along w v. 14, sexual images

  1. 16 is LADDER image
  2. 17 and the angels shall be on the sides thereof; and above them 8 shall bear on that day your Lord’s power
  3. 18 on that day you shall be exposed to view—no secret of yours shall remain hidden                Evolution, Society
  4. 21, 22, 23, 24 like psalm 128, paradise


70   The Ways of Ascent (Ma’arij)  [S. 97: Gabreel and angels descend]

.3        from Allah, the Lord of the ways of Ascent

.4        To him ascend the angels and the Spirit in a day the measure of which is fifty thousand years

[.30     wives (2nd time)]

.38      does every man of them desire that he should be made to enter the garden of bliss?                       .39       by no means!


71   Nuh

.14      and indeed he created you through various grades: (Evolution)

.15      do you not see how Allah has created the seven heavens one above another?

.17      And Allah has made you grow out of the earth as a growth


72   The Jinn

.8        sought to reach heaven                                Ladder

.12      cannot escape Allah by flight                       Ladder


73   The Wrapped Up

.18      The heavens shall rend asunder….             LADDER

.20      Fractions………. Elements being pointed to?????????








75.39  2 kinds, male and female


76.5,15,16, 17           cup, goblet, as in Psalm 75


77.1    winds

77.5    I swear by the angels who bring down revelation

77.9    and when the heavens rent asunder

78.19  And the heaven shall be opened so that it shall be all openings.

-like Psalm 78, but also like 4 Creatures of Revelation who are All Eye.

(a tree is also a creature that is all eye)

78.34  pure cup

78.38  spirit and the angels shall stand in ranks


79.1    angels who violently pull



82.1    When the heaven becomes cleft asunder,

84.1    When the heaven bursts asunder,

84.19  enter one state after another [Psalm 84]


85.22  guarded tablet


87.2    then

87.3    then

87.7    hidden

87.18,19         earlier Scriptures


88.14  drinking cups


89.22  angels in ranks


90.11,12         uphill road

90.18  right

90.19  left


97.4    the angels and Jibreel descend


104.9  extended columns



(list compiled by Richard Murray)

copyright © 2017 Richard Murray


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